Viruses thrive by finding a host. In response, our bodies (the host) work behind the scenes to try and keep us safe. One way our bodies try to kill off these foreign virus cells is by raising our body temperature. Thus, fevers are a key indicator for illness.


The Problem With The Thermometer

Traditional thermometers are viral hotspots – working off of bodily fluids. Outside of a medical setting, no one should be responsible for another’s temperature checking.

Yet the spread of a global pandemic made regular temperature checks a necessity.

How do we stay 6 feet apart (keeping ourselves safe) while making sure that fevers and illnesses aren’t spreading in schools and workplaces?

By using no contact thermometers!

Infrared Thermometers

Get results back in an instant without taking risks. Infrared thermometers are able to check temperatures in 1 second without making contact.

Disposable Forehead Strips

These disposable forehead strips are self-applying – so no one has to come into contact for it to work.

GoSafe Body Temperature & Facial Recognition Scanner

The GoSafe is one of the most impressive technologies born from the Covid-19 pandemic. Fully automated, the device takes temperature of individuals looking to enter a space. Like the forehead thermometers, it alerts staff members if a person has an elevated temperature. GoSafe also has face recognition technology and will deny entry to anyone not wearing a mask. If your business has several offices in the country, or even around the globe, your staff can monitor an entire system of GoSafe devices in real time no matter where they are in the world. This is no-contact protection of the future that your business can use today.

Let’s Create Safe!