According to the CDC, you should be wearing gloves at home when you are disinfecting your home or when you’re caring for someone who’s sick, but what about in the workplace?


When are gloves necessary, and when can you go without them?

Gloves On Gloves Off
When you’re cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting any surfaces When you’re shopping in a store
When you’re handling food or products that will come into contact with someone else If you work in retail or customer facing positions that don’t involve handling food or medical professions
If your profession previously required them (and in this case, you might need to stock up on more than you’re used to) If you’re in an environment that’s removed from the public

Wear gloves as needed and when they’re off make sure you’re washing your hands or using hand sanitizer to combat any bacteria or viruses you come into contact with.

Nitrile Exam Gloves

Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Latex Exam Gloves

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