Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are an accessible and useful tool in the fight against germs. But just because a bottle is labeled “sanitizer” does not mean it’s effective against some of the most harmful bacteria. It must meet certain qualifications. The CDC recommends:

  • ✓ Choosing an alcohol based sanitizer that is over 60% alcohol
  • ✓ Avoid sanitizers from the FDA’s do not use list
  • ✓ Following the instructions on the sanitizer’s label
  • ✓ Applying sanitizer to the palm of one hand and (this crucial step is often missed) continue rubbing the hand sanitizer into your hands until they are dry

Dispensers & Custom Solutions

Using dispensers help to reduce contamination and encourage people to sanitize often. Brand them, customize them and make them stand out in the workplace. Big Cat can do just that!

Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing wipes are a quick, convenient way to disinfect workspaces between transactions, when shifts change or just when you need to quickly disinfect.

Big Cat Solutions only sources sanitizers, dispensers & wipes from trusted brands and manufacturers.

Antibacterial Sanitizing Wipes

Multipurpose Alcohol Wipes

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