Normal disinfectants take 5-10 minutes before they are effective. That’s up to 10 minutes that the disinfectant needs to sit, wet, before it can be wiped up.

In highly trafficked common areas, this is almost impossible to achieve. How do you keep a young child away from the school’s restroom for 10 minutes? Or employees away from the coffee machine for that long between uses?

When it comes to keeping public restrooms, school cafeterias and government buildings safe, time is of the essence. Contaminated surfaces must be disinfected quickly before the germs and bacteria have a chance to spread.

OMNI Shurguard works in 1 minute, reducing risks for common and public spaces.

OMNI Shurguard

OMNI Shurguard is an effective Virucide in 1 minute, Fungicide in 3 minutes and Tuberculocide in 5 minutes.

How It Works

Shurguard uses a patented, accelerated hydrogen peroxide formula that kills viruses in 1 minute. The cleaner disinfectant is based on proprietary AHP® technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance without harmful fumes and toxins. According to the EPA Green Cleaning Tool Kit for Early Child Care and Education, Shurguard is safe for use in schools as well.

Key Features

EPA List N Approved

1-minute kill for SARS-CoV-2 and Norovirus

Kills TB, MRSA, Norovirus and VRE

Spray and allow it to dry, there’s no rinsing required

No VOCs, no added fragrance and no NPEs

Environmentally responsible and green choice with active ingredients that break down into oxygen and water

Compatible with most hard, non-porous surfaces and is a 30 second soft surface sanitizer 


Not ammonia based

Reduces labor hours and can be used near people

Ready to Use – comes in spray bottles or gallons

Cost Effective

Let’s Create Safe!